Our Facilities

The school has excellent facilities designed to meet student requirements which are shown
below.we offer fully-equipped laboratories and technologies to students.

Biology Lab

Many microscopes to observe the specimen of various organisms. Charts, models and specimens are included in the stock of biological science.

Chemistry Lab

Well equipped laboratory with vast collection of chemicals and apparatus are used.About 50 students can do the experiments at a time.

Physics Lab

Wide collection of devices and equipments to conduct experiments related such as light, electricity, mechanics, sound and heat.

Computer Lab

The school has a sufficient computer lab with local area network (LAN). Each student gets individual computer for training. Internet facility is also provided.

Maths Lab

We have a well maintained mathematics lab. It is a place where one can find a collection of games, puzzles and other teaching and learning materials.


It caters to the needs of the students from KG section to senior secondary and teachers. There are more than 3500 books in different languages.

Smart Classroom

Smart class brings in technology to the class rooms where the blackboard and the chalk give way to whiteboard and stylus.

Language Lab

Students extensively utilize the facility of audio video classes based on grammar with the help of educational software.