Newman Academy

Established in 2006 by the Newman Educational and Charitable Trust.The school is named
after blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman who was a famous educationist in the
19th century. Newman Academy is a school that really considers education
beyond class rooms. Education cannot be defined by boundaries.

St. John Henry Cardinal Newman

The School's name is in the memory of the Great Cardinal Newman

Lead Kindly Light, amid th’ Encircling Gloom
Lead Thou me on !
Keep Thou my Feet; I do not Ask to See
The Distant Scene; one Step Enough for me
I was not ever thus; Nor pray’d that Thou
Shouldst Lead me on !


Emphasizes the general welfare of the children of poor farmers, quarry workers and other working class people.


To make avail the fruits of modern education to the poor and the marginalized and thus bring them to the mainstream of the society.

The main principles are trust in god,should be sincere and discipline,self confidence and self esteem,love and concern for the poor.

Our Facilities

The school has excellent facilities including modern classrooms,
labs, library and many other facilities designed to meet student requirements.

At the opening of the new academic year, we welcome you to the family of Newman Academy, Vimalagiri. Dear parents, we are extremely delighted that your child is going to be an integral part of our school. Now that your child is enrolled here and we have established a very special and personal relationship with you.

Rev.Fr. Thomas Mazhavanchery